Troelz Schmidt

Instruktør, tilrettelægger & mockumentarist

Opvokset i en lille by på Fyn hvor han fik det første videokamera midt i 90’erne.

Er stor tilhænger af det ufortalte, det uperfekte og især det upassende.


Nipskanalen – Afsnit 1

Udvikling, Manuskript, Instruktør, Fotograf, Klipper

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McDonald’s – Skjult kamera

Teknisk tilrettelægger, fotograf, klipper

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Cocio – Minigolf

Tilrettelægger, fotograf, klipper

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Andre tidligere kunder

Troelz Schmidt has created for my music (Paper Cuttings Music) video animations. It was a pleasure to see how creative, nuanced, and professionally he has responded to the music in his animations. Working with him was a joy. I gladly give him my best recommendations.

Hans Josef Winkler

Composer and pianist

I had the pleasure of working with Troelz in connection with the UN Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP15). Troelz executed dozens of news videos which were shown to hundreds of thousands of people on YouTube and through a number of TV broadcasters. Troelz is a pleasure to work with, he is extremely talented, and he keeps his cool even under extreme pressure. I hope to have the chance to work with Troelz again someday.

Jakob Faarvang

Team Leader, COP15 press and communications

Troelz is highly creative, intelligent and he also has great social skills. I had the pleasure of working with him for a couple of years and the ideas and thought he put into his work during that time has been very impressive. I hope that I will some day get to work with him again.

Troels Christiansen

System Developer